Native Midwestern Wildflower Mix

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This wildflower mix consists of a colorful blend of approximately 26 native wildflowers and cultivars, including perennial and annual flowers. This mix provides a season-long bounty of beautiful flowers. A continuing parade of changing color and content make this blend popular for homes, prairies and just about anywhere you wish to place a colorful flowerbed. Like most native flowers, this mix prefers full sun but will do well in moderate shade, such as the east or west sides of buildings.

Seeds in the mix are coated with a colorful lime coating, allowing you to see where they have been distributed. The coating absorbs water, helping to ensure better germination and a quicker start. This mix should be planted in early spring but can be planted until the end of May.

  • Seeding Rate: 6-11 pounds per acre
  • Bag Size: Sold by the pound


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