Wildlife Food Plot

Naylor Seed can custom blend to your specifications.

Purple Top

• Most popular brand of grazing turnips
• Specifically bred to withstand frost and produce more top growth
• Provides both tip growth and tubers for highly palatable and nutritious feed.
• 60-90 day maturity
• Planting Rate Per Acre: 5 lbs.

Pasja Forage Turnip

• Produces leafy forage with excellent nutritional value
• Bred for rapid growth, re-growth and high performance
• Tap root turnip with improved drought tolerance
• Early maturity (50-70 days)
• Planting Rate per Acre: 3-6 lbs.

Six Point Chicory

• Perennial taproot herb
• Drought Tolerance
• High mineral content
• Planting rate per Acre: 4 lbs.

Sweet Spot™

• Features High Sugar Grasses
• Can produce bigger racks and as much as 20% more body mass
• Perennial wildlife mix
• Establishes quickly
• Winters well
• Planting rate per Acre: 15-30 lbs.