Turf and Lawn

Select High Grade Lawngrass Blend

  • A blend of fine 3-bluegrasses, 3-fine leaf perennial ryegrasses and fine fescues
  • Does very well on a wide range of soil pH and fertilization levels
  • Highly recommended for moderate to low maintenance lawns
  • Also does well in full sun, or moderate shade

Shady Turf Blend

  • Your choice for those areas with a lot of shade
  • Works very well in areas with open shade such as along tree lines and decks
  • Provides a fine green cover to help give your home or office a finished look
  • A blend of grasses to help ensure establishment in poorer soils as well as black dirt

Athletic Pro-Turf Blend

  • Combination of grasses that will take the stress of heavy use and bounce back quickly
  • Blended to be able to grow on a wide range of soil types: football fields, soccer fields, baseball fields, playgrounds, or even your own back yard!