Cover Crops

HY-RYE Winter Grain Rye

• Improved variety of winter grain rye
• Used for late fall and spring pasture
• Sow seed from mid August thru mid November
• Planting Rate per Acre: 84-112 lbs.

Winter Wheat

• Hard red winter wheat
• Resistant to current prevalent races of leaf and stem rust
• Produces grain that has good overall bread making qualities
• Planting rate per Acre: 90-150 lbs.

Crimson Clover

• High protein value
• Establishes easily
• Fixes nitrogen in soil
• Produces humus for soil building
• Sow seed by September 1st
• Planting rate per Acre: 6-15 lbs.

Diakon Radish

• Fast growing brassica
• Tap root breaks up soil
• Helps reduce soil compaction
• Holds nutrients from the soil
• Releases the nutrients while decomposing for the next crop to benefit from
• Sow Seed by September 1st
• Planting rate per Acre: 2-12 lbs.

Multi Brand Oats

• Any of our Multi Brand oat varieties would work well
• Descriptions can be found on our Multi Oat page
• Sow seeds prior to September 30th
• Planting rate per Acre: 80-128 lbs.