Sweet Corn



Naylor Seed Offers the Following Varieties of Sweet Corn

Sugar Enhanced (SE) have excellent taste, tenderness and texture. The SE varieties are less restrictive on isolation from other corn.

Ambrosia (Bi-color): is a terrific early season SE sweet corn. Ambrosia is known for having good seedling vigor and disease resistance including high tolerance to Stewarts Wilt. Coming from the Bodacious family of sweet corn, you can expect a nicely balanced sweetness to ‘corn’ flavor. This variety offers a earlier maturity.

Incredible (YELLOW ) is an improved gourmet sweet corn with excellent eating taste and kernel
tenderness. This sweet corn yields well and is very reliable which makes it Incredible for home gardens,
farmers markets or road side stands. This variety offers a later maturity.

Synergistic (SE/SH2), also referred to as triple sweet, has 75% (SE) kernels and 25% (SH2) kernels.
The result blends the natural corn flavor and tenderness of sugary enhanced (SE) sweet corn with the higher
sugar levels and better keeping qualities of the super sweet (SH2) types. Synergistics are the latest
generation of sweet corn hybrids; their quality and flavor is amazing . Synergistic variety needs some
isolation from other types of corn and sweet corn to prevent cross-pollination.

Profit (Bi-color): This productive hybrid has outstanding tip fill and is a clean rugged plant with
excellent early vigor. The ear is very attractive with good husk protection. Good for home garden,
roadside stand and fresh market because it has excellent natural corn flavor and very tender kernels.
Profit can maintain good quality for 10-12 days after being picked. This variety offers an earlier

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