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Multi-Year Red Clover

  • High producing variety
  • Well suited to short rotations and generally used for pasture or hay
  • A soil improvement crop
  • Requires more moisture than alfalfa and is not as winter hardy
  • Makes a highly palatable and good quality hay or silage
  • Tolerates cold and frost very well
  • Relatively easy to establish
  • More shade tolerant than alfalfa
  • Greater longevity under wet and acidic conditions
  • Makes an excellent crop for soil improvement in two-year rotations

Medium Red Clover

  • Similar to Multi-Year Red Clover but has less resistance to northern anthracnose and powdery mildew along with lower winter survival

Mammoth Red Clover

  • Taller and coarser than Medium Red Clover
  • Two weeks later in maturity than Medium Red Clover
  • Primary use of this clover is for green manure chop

Alsike Clover

  • Short- lived perennial that does well on low, poorly drained acidic soil
  • Very high forage quality
  • Should be planted in mixtures w/timothy to prevent bloat
  • Can produce large quantities of seed for regeneration
  • Planting rate per acre: Alone 4-8 lbs (not recommended as a pure stand)
  • Planting rate per acre: In a mix 1-4 lbs
  • Planting depth: ¼”

Madrid Sweet Clover Yellow

  • High producing brand of sweet clover
  • Very good soil builder because it adds up to 100 pounds of nitrogen per acre
  • Improves the tilth of the soil
  • Can be used in hay or pasture mixes
  • Planting rate per acre: Alone 15-20 lbs
  • Planting rate per acre: In a mix 4-8 lbs
  • Planting depth: ¼”                                        

Ladino Clover

  • Giant white clover
  • Winter hardy perennial used primarily for pasture
  • Especially good for hog pasture because of its high protein content
  • Also used for haylage or hay as a part of a mix
  • Some risk of bloat when pasturing for cattle
  • Planting rate per acre: Alone 3-5 lbs (not recommended as a pure stand)
  • Planting rate per acre: In a mix ¼-2 lbs
  • Planting depth: ¼”

White Dutch Clover

  • Shallow rooted and used in lawn and pasture mixes due to its ability to supply nitrogen to grass plants
  • Grows best under cool, fertile, and moist conditions
  • Adapts to acidic, poorly drained soils unsuitable for alfalfa
  • Planting rate per acre: Alone 3-5 lbs
  • Planting rate per acre: In a mix 1-3 lbs