Phirst Hybrid Alfalfa

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  • 2011 University of Wisconsin Alfalfa Yield Trials: Go To Trial

Super Leaf

  • One of the best true multifoliates on the market
  • Very high multi-leaf expression
  • Winter hardy for increased stand life
  • Relative feed value is 20% higher than the average in university trials, this puts this variety into the PRIME category
  • Greater animal feed intake provides higher milk or rate of gain production
  • More profit from your alfalfa acres
  • Apron treated

Super Yield Plus

  • Exceptional yielder
  • Fast growing, fast recovery for high and exceptional yields, quality forage
  • Super Yield Plus has multifoliate tendencies for higher leaf-to-stem ratio
  • Fine stemmed Flemish type with more leaves for high quality feed value
  • Value priced to save you money
  • Lasts 3-4+ years with proper care
  • Apron treated

Super Stand Plus

  • Long pull choice
  • Designed for high yields over the long pull
  • Superior winter hardiness
  • Lasts 5-6+ years with proper care
  • Very hardy creeping tendencies to provide top production under tough conditions
  •  Value priced to save you money on seeding costs
  • Apron treated

Prolific II

  • Third generation branch root alfalfa; helps keep more of the root system above the water table and better secures the plant in the ground when freezing
    and thawing occurs

380 PLH Alfalfa

  • Top yields with disease and leaf hopper resistance
  • Resistant to bacterial wilt, verticillium wilt, fusarium wilt, anthracnose, phytophthora root rot and aphananomyce root rot
  • Resistance to potato leaf hopper
  • Apron treated and pre-inoculated

Vernal Plus

  • New and improved version  of vernal